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Customer Testimonials

"Antovic Real Property Appraisals are my #1 appraisers I use for their professionalism, quick service and amazing customer service!"

- Karen Millington, AMP, The Mortgage Centre

Manager, Residential Mortgages

"I highly recommend Jane and her team at Antovic Property Real Property Appraisals. They are quick to respond, do a thorough analysis of the market and provide reports that are readily accepted by lenders. This is important both for meeting deadlines and having lenders review and acceptance, without additional clarification or concern on property condition or value. I regularly receive positive feedback from my clients and am happy to request their service whenever possible. If you are in need of a good appraiser, give them a call."

- Janet McKeough, Broker - Success Mortgages,

President - Mortgage Brokers Association

of Atlantic Canada (MBAAC)

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